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Return of Sleep Alert
February 16, 2012 10:35 AM PST
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The resident DJ of Moomba+ radio, DJ Christian Rokk, is always pushing that moombahton sound and he's doing it again with the Return of Sleep Alert. It has all the biggest names including Sazon Booya, ETC!ETC! and more. Just like a Moomba+ boss would! Full track list at the link below:


Moombahking Volume Four
November 19, 2011 03:05 PM PST
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I said that the third "Moombahking" mix would be the last. I lied. All this week I will be out in Madison handing out CD's with all four of the "Moombahking" mixes. Get it!

Sydney Samson "Riverside" Dave Nada remix
Alex Clare ft Nadastrom "Up All Night" Rico Moombah! mix
Chong X "Yo!"
Higher Ranking ft Rico Moombah! "Disque Oh" Moombahcore re-edit
Freaky Philip "Bombo"
Torro Torro "Country Club" Photo Romance mix
Will Bailey ft Rico Moombah! "Hit the Club"
Ludacris "The Potion" GTA Bootyton mix
Harry Belafonte "Jump in the Line" Codes Remix

Rinse and Repeat
November 02, 2011 08:22 AM PDT
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I am so happy to present my very first full length moombahton mix. The "Moombahking" series was very well received but I thought it was time for this mix to make it's way to the page. Having played several live shows lately, this mix was taken from one of the performances. The only editing in the mix is at the end. I dropped a dubstep/moombah track at the end because the next act wasn't quite ready and I erased some of the dead air between my final mix and that track. The tracklisting will go up later but I want to thank DJ Jennexx for all of her support on this project. She secured almost all of these tunes and has been the best partner. Big bad moombah for life, boss.

Moombahking Volume Three "Hits Me Like A Rokk"
October 14, 2011 07:18 PM PDT
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Christian Rokk will be bringing the sweet sound of moombahton to the Inferno in Madison, WI on October 26th which is sure to be a sweet intro to the Halloween weekend including live MCing and lots of dubstep too!!!! MPS in the house. So...here's a little more Moom and it is the third and last installment of the Moombahking series. Enjoy!

JWLS "Vibrate" The Duro Remix
Uffie "Add SUV" D!RTY AUDIO remix
Nicki Minaj "Bought the Bar" Kayjay remix
Zedd "Shave It" Neki remix
Rye Rye "Witch Doctor" Gladiator remix
Benga and Coki "Night" Sabo Remix
Flux Pavillion "Bass Cannon" Direct Feed remix
CSS "Hits Me Like A Rock" Dillon Francis remix

Let's Get It!

Moombahking Volume Two "Mashup the Dance"
September 26, 2011 04:49 PM PDT
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More moombahton from Madison's Christian Rokk! Are you feeling it yet? Have you got the vibe? Either way, get ready for the newest, freshest dancefloor filling sound. Boom!

DJ Kinig, Randomer and Count and Sinden "Boo Bhats Belephants" DJ Kinig mix
Spinstyles "Waiting to Exhale"
Robin S "Show Me Love" Morrison remix
ReepR "Ghettotronik" Groove Fellas remix
Biggie Smalls "Juicy" Rampage and Nader Juicy Fruit remix
Lil Wayne "Up Up and Away" J-Trick Moombahcore remix
Jeremiah "x's and o's" Sazon Booya remix
Crowd Control "Sex Tazer"
Lil Jon and the Eastside Boyz "Get Low" Alvaro and Punisher remix

September 22, 2011 08:01 PM PDT
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I absolutely love moombahton! I have had so much fun discovering each and every song and all of the starz of the scene. From J-Trick to Dave Nada, from Munchi to JWLS, I have had a very short intense love affair and I will be sharing all that I have learned and heard with you both live and on the podcast. CANNOT WAIT TO GET DOWN WITH YOU MADISON!! I want to be king smiley

Dave Nada "Shake it to the Cumbia"
J-Trick "Ese Papi"
Etc!Etc! "Indian Flute 2011"
Market Price "Talk Trash"
Heartbreak and Munchi "Boneknuckles"
Ying Yang Twins "Wait" JWLS remix
Modjo "Lady" Ackeejuice Rockers remix
Digital Manges "Sharkslayer" Nader remix
JWLS "6ft, 7ft" J-Trick remix

Let your promoters know you want some moombahton, NOW!!!

I'm Back
July 17, 2011 04:42 PM PDT
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The Christian Rokk I know makes awesome mixes comprised of fun innovative electro with loud and crazy basslines and familiar hooks. I also remember him doing lots of backsliding, record manipulation and speedy quick drops. Well that guy is back and here is his mix to prove it...

A Trak's remix of Ray Ban Vision
Wise D and Kobe mess around with a House of Pain classic
one of many memorable Needle Damage reworks
"High" by Warehouse and DJ Kue/remixed by Electric Soulside
Temabes and Bazuka on "Paradise"
FLX "I Feel Untouched" remix by Zedd
Avicii gets remixed by Cazzette on the massive "Sweet Dreams"
Oldie but goodie! Gaga and Manson on "Love Game" rmx by ChewFu
Kanye's "Muthaf'in Monster" remixed by Cazzette
Kill the Noise's anthem "Kill Kill Kill"
Feed Me's "Chain Smoker" (cuz DNB producers do it better)
Reepr's take on "No Americano"
Afrojack's "Bangduck" gets Jacked by Haydn Hoffman